New Drone-Hacks version v1.25 by AwesomeRK

Posted on 2022-03-07 12:07:32

Dear customers,

today we can proudly present a new Drone-Hacks software version with new features many of you waited for.
With the new software version v1.25 we are able to downgrade the latest firmwares for DJI Air2, DJI Air2S.
So you are now able to downgrade to the recommended firmware to install the unlock certificate and apply the FCC mode perment to your drone.
To do this for DJI Air2 and DJI Air2S there is a special method and you would need to flash two firmwares in a row. First you would need to flash the intermediate firmware and after that you are able to downgrade to the recommended firmware.

But there are also some other new feature as we now support firmware flashing and parameter changing for Mavic3. We are still working to get the Mavic3 unlocked but for the beginning the free features can get used. There is now the support for flashing the FPV Racer as well.
Another new feature is that we add RC Pro compatiblity for Air2s - 02.04.2040.

If the flashing seems stuck in the FLASHING phase, restart the software WITHOUT disconnecting the drone!
After downgrade via exploit it is NOT possible to re-flash the firmware from the application without upgrading first again!
To be able to use Mavic 3 support please install DJI ASSISTANT 2 FOR CONSUMER DRONES

Have fun with our latest software version and enjoy the hacks.

Best regards
your Drone-Hacks Team