Downgrade Tutorial by Awesome

Posted on 2023-03-23 11:44:11

To install the hack for Mavic 3 on new firmware versions please follow this link:

To downgrade the Air2/Air2s/FPV to the recommended firmware multiple steps are required:

If you experience problems during downgrade for Air2/Air2s/FPV with the latest DH software version please try to use our 1.35 version:
Download 1.35
It seems like some people have issues with the latest software version of our tool which we try to fix asap! Until then the 1.35 should give you all features which are needed to the Air2/Air2s/FPV models.

1.) Download and Install DJI Assistant 2 for Consumer drones (Needed only once!):

2.) Make sure to download our driver package and have it installed (Needed only once!):

MD5Sum of the driver installer: c6e6760d90ccd37281f5b921e153c6f3

After the driver installation REBOOT your computer!

3.) Download the special downgrade file for your drone:


4.) Go to the flashing menu -> Choose firmware -> Select the downloaded .dhd (DroneHacksDowngrade) File -> Click flash

P.S.: The driver installer was created with the help of the nice FPV-WTF guys, the source of our fork can be found here: