HowTo use Drone-Hacks

Drone-Hacks is really simple to use. But new customers always ask the question "How to use Drone-Hacks?".
If you ask yourself the same question just watch the following tutorial videos for the most important features. (Only the mini2 drone needs the extra button pressing step to activate FCC)

FCC Unlock Certificate Custom FlyController

Short Guide to apply the Hacks:

Before Hacking:

  1. Make Sure to install DJI Assistant 2 for Consumer drones (install this version for ALL drones, even if you have another series!) for required drivers.
  2. Disable all firewalls and antivirus before hacking

Hacking Process:

  1. Start the drone-hacks software
  2. Power on the drone
  3. Mini Series: Connect the drone to the computer as soon as you hear the beeping of the drone. Do not connect it earlier or later!
  4. All other drones: Wait 30 seconds and then connect drone to computer (use original cable)
  5. Login and wait until loading is finished. Login will be possible after a drone was detected!
  6. Switch to „Hacks“ tab and choose the hack that you like
  7. Wait until finished
  8. It's done - Enjoy the Hack