Features for Free

Drone-Hacks offers two free features: Parameter Hacking and Firmware Flashing.

Parameter Hacking

Drone-Hacks contains a robust parameter editor allowing changes to hundreds of settings hidden from you.

No more trying to mess around with “debug mode” using the old DJI Assistant that only supports older drones.

Created a custom parameter set you like? You can export this to save for later or to share with other Drone-Hacks users.

Please understand: You can tune your drone flight characteristics with this feature, but you CANNOT remove altitude limit with this. For altitude limit removal you need a custom flightcontroller.

Please note: we can’t give support for parameters because there are hundreds of parameters which change from drone to drone and from firmware version to firmware version.

Firmware Flashing

Drone-Hacks allows you to flash your firmware on any supported drone, this includes upgrades and downgrades.