Signal Hacking - FCC

How to check if FCC is enabled?

This hack will change your drone from CE mode (worldwide powerlevel) to FCC mode (American region powerlevel like US, CA etc.). No more trying to use “fake GPS” to get yourself to the US or other similar “tricks”! It is only important for customers outside the US or Canada, in the US or Canada you already use the FCC powerlevel.

Check easily your signal graph what your current powerlevel is. Only if you are in CE mode in your this hack will bring you any gain.

ATTENTION: For Mini2,Air2, Air2s  this will NOT enable 5.8G in countries where this is normally blocked, it ONLY power the signal to FCC level! The block of 5Ghz for this drones is inside the APP not inside the drone, we only hack the drone. Our hack will bring your signal to FCC level, the frequency has nothing to do with it! M2 can only activated 5.8G on RC1A remote control.

  • FCC mode has a higher power output than CE mode.
  • Boost mode will allow the highest RC output possible! (Not available for any drone newer than Mavic 2 [except Mini1])
  • To see the different power output in CE and FCC mode for your drone model pelase just open the technical data at the DJI website, they list it there!
  • Boost mode is ONLY available on old drones (Mavic Pro 1 etc.) it is NOT available on new drone series with exception of the Mini1. But Mini1 boost mode is much wifi and due to that different and much lower in power. Mini2, Air2 etc does NOT have boost mode.
  • For the Mavic Mini 1 Boost mode, there are no specific mW values, this will boost your Remote Controller output to the maximum possible for your specific hardware. Due to regional hardware differences in place on the Mavic Mini by DJI, the results for maximum  mW transmission power will be different on CE and FCC models.
    To get the best results you would need to use our Android App DH-Companion. The DH-Companion will TEMPORARY (must be done before every boot) enable FCC and BOOST at the same time!

NOTE: Not all drones and not all firmware versions allow this hack, please ALWAYS check our birdmap to see if it is supported before buying!

Drone-Hacks birdmap


How to check if FCC works:

DJI Fly – Android:

On Android the 1km text will move higher than the line if the drone is in FCC mode (see red square)

DJI Fly – iOS:

On iOS the white 1km line will move to -87 dB if the drone is in FCC mode (see red square)

DJI Go 4- Android/iOS:

The white 1km line will move to -87 dB if the drone is in FCC mode (see red square)

Wifi Drones (Air1, Mini1, Mini SE):

The channel count will reduce to 11 if the drone is in FCC mode (see red square)