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Windows: DO NOT USE WINDOWS 7 or 8!!!! This OS versions are outdated and DOES NOT work properly. Many things will not work and unpredictable issues WILL appear.
Run as administrator and make sure you read the notes at the bottom of the page!
Linux: Make sure your user is in the group to access the serialport if your linux does not setup this properly by default! (Ubuntu: sudo usermod -a -G "YOUR USERNAME" dialout)


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Newest version (Desktop app): v1.22 (23. August 2021)

136bf7f350c106f8a02d27f2772fafb4 dh-lin_new-x64-v1.22
72fdc1dd5c77cf4c09bcf29748ea6b97 dh-lin_old-x64-v1.22
c9318f85edfe1304f0de94e9cbdafc50 dh-win-v1.22.exe
5ad1464b3f96c6a2da7c6f4e611bf85f dh-lin_new-x64-v1.21
d4165cf8923778419de93225edd9dacf dh-lin_old-x64-v1.21
d1c6959b4fcbf6fa4c62adb306ca5ec4 dh-win-v1.21.exe
d8e9ebd93239f7efe215d4077dc272f1 dh-lin_new-x64-v1.20
5eece46d8cfd1bdc5e46250775b9245a dh-lin_old-x64-v1.20
e2c3afd19dcf429191b2da6232574f51 dh-win-v1.20.exe
b24719adc065c0b32188192257d774c5 dh-lin_new-x64-v1.17
25d5d275d5391d191ad400e09665691a dh-lin_old-x64-v1.17
275abf04d4ff8076be1c604247de8340 dh-win-v1.17.exe
d14047818a9e90c73c2dfeeb882b03ff dh-lin_new-x64-v1.16
c8e38afab18fa080202fe9fed9535a22 dh-lin_old-x64-v1.16
136e4bbfab5c5ea46fe906b8ee95b2f2 dh-win-v1.16.exe
199627337e404b4cf2bc13ad0fcddcd5 dh-lin_new-x64-v1.15
bf325b56d136b42b0bb4b0b655a5287c dh-lin_old-x64-v1.15
7d9146c39f23ec798d65a49e7db9f4a8 dh-win-v1.15.exe
d3f66b335315946034fd4a9ab2327e4d dh-lin_new-x64-v1.14
0a70d52445cea18aafd179bdd8b51480 dh-lin_old-x64-v1.14
504094b2f1b6bd934b798952daa1891b dh-win-v1.14.exe
8d30bba28d704057881204615c69aa4d dh-lin_new-x64-v1.13
d3f671867d45ad13ae1b34217c32cab6 dh-lin_old-x64-v1.13
4bc4233055b30cb283ef57f22a33f0db dh-win-v1.13.exe
6424494827131b7880bc626e0a8df424 dh-lin_new-x64-v1.12
da913a26e3b229ded80128dcb1982b5d dh-lin_old-x64-v1.12
40a7779319ebcb4e4e1e86a94d96ce45 dh-win-v1.12.exe
8ba372b00086fcf80fab131c8fdb3e90 dh-lin-x64-v1.11
f1c47e3ff05c9b78f82e8d6c39cb418e dh-win-v1.11.exe
e6fcb7ea0732fe0d2db9a785515d5cad dh-lin-x64-v1.10
08c8e37a2085b0880d7319b5ae2ef643 dh-win-v1.10.exe
328e618ff41765ab7d50fd9f36c068e5 dh-lin-x64-v1.09
4151f278fdd53398492b74219667b539 dh-win-v1.09.exe
c62c30aa63ae93bf1d6362da61ac6d46 dh-lin-x64-v1.08
6f5e2c548c35df563aeed9c77a1ce9ab dh-win-v1.08.exe
5cf331c6bc3b1638f4142e5d2a275136 dh-win-v1.07.exe
7528ea4daac5b113814e0c8efe0f0adf dh-lin-x64-v1.07
1c329cfed9a17271f2ed56e3bcb9c77d dh-win-v1.06.exe
54ffafdbdfcf874140d4d051f1795155 dh-lin-x64-v1.06
755b769ffadcb2da240dc5c4aa1a987a dh-win-v1.05.exe
7b97c74f20b1f62ec0d4ddf05806d775 dh-lin-x64-v1.05
5. June 2020 - v1.00: Release
5. June 2020 - v1.01: Fix GUI elements for Mavic Mini RC
5. June 2020 - v1.02: Fix GUI size too big on some resolutions
6. June 2020 - v1.03: Fix adb connection issues on some machines
Move adb window in background
6. June 2020 - v1.04: Typo fix which caused some backgroud process to hog
9. June 2020 - v1.05: Fix connections issues on some computers
Add RC flashing for Mavic Mini
Add Wizard on Mavic Mini RC
16. June 2020 - v1.06: Fix for double connection on some computers
More specific naming of items
wm240 Fix of missing nfz removal button in fw ver 0100
DDD button now automatically links the recommended firmware with a drone connected
17. June 2020 - v1.07: Fix for false detection of P4 Series
19. June 2020 - v1.08: Solved an issue where adb did not connect on some PCs
01. July 2020 - v1.09: Fixed some GUI issues on smaller screens
Fixed an issue with some parameters not written correctly
Fixed small unnoticed problems
07. July 2020 - v1.10: Added support for Mavic 2 Enterprise / Enterprise Dual
Fixed some small text issues, double popups etc.
20. July 2020 - v1.11: Better handling for Mini
Added logout options
Added more infos to infobox
Various background fixes
21. August 2020 - v1.12: Offline mode for free features (software needed to be online atleast once)
Public beta version for mac
Split to old and new linux releases (in dependency of glibc)
Minor background fixes and features
22. December 2020 - v1.13: Several minor bugfixes
Added textbox to directly edit parameter value in advanced parameter editor
Added flashing and parameter support for Mini2
Various fixes in the USB implementation, this should speed up flashing for several drones
Some MAC foldername issues should be fixed
23. December 2020 - v1.14: Fixed small issue where the parameter value textbox did not accept values properly
Increased Win7 compatibility
27. July 2021 - v1.15: Permanent hacks for Mini2, Air2, Air2s and FPV.
India 15m limit removal.
Background fixes
27. July 2021 - v1.16: Bugfix release of 1.15
29. July 2021 - v1.17: Fix a problem with CFC on old drones which was introduced in the last version.
No date - v1.18/v1.19 - internal test releases for new features
13. August 2021 - v1.20: Add unlock-certificate :) 15. August 2021 - v1.21: Fix certificate after DJI block. Users need to re-install certificate to make it work independend of DJI :) 23. August 2021 - v1.22: Mini 1 and Mini 2 back for ceriticate hack. Certificate hack improved for all drones, it can be disabled and enabled from FLY/Go4 as the user needs it!

Please make sure that you have the latest Version of DJI Assistant 2 installed and it can detect your drone!
Also make sure you close Assistant BEFORE starting Drone-Hacks. Only 1 application can use the drone at the same time
We recommend using the Software with Windows 10!