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Drone-Hacks Certificate Server Online
Drone-Hacks Exploit Server Online
Desktop App Version v1.33
Android App Version v1.0.16
Latest known compatible DJI fly version 1.9.0 (DH-Companion)
1.9.9 (Other hacks)
Latest known compatible DJI Go4 version 4.3.54

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Luckily we can announce that all payment issues could get resolved. Now it is possible to download Drone-Hacks and purchase licenses to free your drones again.

We support downgrading Air2 and Air2s from ALL firmware versions

!!! Mini2 hacking now possible again, even on high firmware !!!

DJI Mavic 3 Support: ONLY FCC (not permanent) via DH-Companion Android Apk
DJI Avata Support: ONLY FCC (not permanent) via DH-Companion Android Apk

New Drone-Hacks app v1.33 - DH Companion 1.0.16

The new version 1.33 includes following features:

- Display of Module-Mixing in the FW-Tab, aswell as activating the hacks directly on this firmware.

- Mini2 hacking on current firmware possible again! (01.07.0100 and 01.07.0200 should be flashed to 01.06.0200 currently!)

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Old: 1.32
- Fixed Mini2 flashing

- Update to latest firmware for FPV/Air2/Air2s with module mixing -> hacks stay active :)

Old: 1.31
- Downgrade all firmware versions of Air2/Air2s to recommended firmware 610/2040

- Small other changes
Old: 1.29
- DJI Avata support (flashing and parameter - no license needed)
- DJI Avata support (FCC hack and more channels via Android APP - license needed)
Old V1.27:
- DJI RC Pro fcc hack
- Mini 3 Pro flashing and parameters
- We support downgrading Air2 (01.01.820) and Air2s (02.04.2190)
- DJI FPV downgrade hack from firmware version .0015 to recommended firmware
- Support goggle flashing
If the downgrade seems stuck please wait!!!, the downgrade can take 5-10 minutes!
After downgrade via exploit it is NOT possible to re-flash the firmware from the application without upgrading first again!
To be able to use Mavic 3 support please install DJI ASSISTANT 2 FOR CONSUMER DRONES

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DroneID removal statement:
DroneID removal

Hacks which Drone-Hacks offers

Remove No-Fly-Zones and Altitude limits

Depending on your drone and firmware, Drone-Hacks can remove the in-built No Fly Zones and even the altitude limit.

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Signal Hacking - FCC

This hack will change your drone from CE mode to FCC mode. FCC mode is the default mode in the US and Canada and has a higher power output than CE mode.

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Free Features - Parameters Hacking & FW Flashing

Drone-Hacks contains a robust parameter editor allowing changes to hundreds of settings usually hidden from you. Drone-Hacks also allows you to flash original DJI firmware on any supported DJI drone.

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ADB Rootshell with PROFESSIONAL license

Drone-Hacks offers forensic company or gov. institution an access to the drone itself for research purposes. This hack allows you to get and adb root shell, this way you can extract all needed data directly from the drone filesystem.

Autel - Android Apk

The Autel android Apk will rise the altitude limit of your autel drone to 2km.

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