UPDATE: FIXED Current problems with the certificates by Awesome

Posted on 2021-08-14 15:47:57

All drones back, read here: https://cms.drone-hacks.com/2021/08/23/532/

We have found a nice fix for the problem. Please download version 1.21 (available now!) and re-do the hack! Please note that you NEED to have "DJI Assistant 2 for Mavic" installed to your computer. It is needed for the driver package! DO NOT start it at the same time as drone-hacks, only install it please! You can download it here: Click here

So what has happened? DJI found out that we are able to create own valid certificates and tried to stop us. How did they stop us? Well the certificate is dependent on the Pilots UserID, this UserID is created by DJI and is synchronized with your Fly/Go4 app. So when we created the certificates we used your login to get the UserID. Yesterday suddenly DJI issued ALL USERS (worldwide, not only drone-hacks, ALL!) a new UserID, this invalidated original DJI certificates as well as our certificates. For DJI it is not a problem because they send the certificates from FLY/Go4 to the drone. For us however it is annoying. All users of our certificate who went online, (even if we told you to stay offline ;) received a new DJI UserID from DJI.

So we had 2 possible ways from here:
1. Just re-issue every time DJI changes the UserID  -  a new certificate (this would be annoying for you as a customer!)
2. Find a better way!

We would have been able to issue you certificates instantly, but we did not want to play that game with DJI. So we choose solution 2. We have found a way around this limitation of them :)
Now they can issue as many UserIDs as they want, our hack will NOT be influenced by it.
Currently we could verify the new hack on all drones except the Mini Series (Mini1, and Mini2). We are working on it, please be patient with the minis, if anybody who bought on the 13th and 14th a license for the minis and wants a refund for the minis feel free to write us, we will of course refund your money. But we will do our best to integrate the minis as well to the new method! INDIAN USERS OF THE MINIS WITH THE 15M LIMIT CAN STILL LIFT IT! NOTHING HAS CHANGED FOR THEM!!!

Now please read the new website about the certificate here:

Just download the new version 1.21 and re-hack your drone.

I hope you enjoy your freedom, fly safe and be responsible!

Original old post from 14.08:

Hey there,
that was a wild ride.
We must urge you to STAY OFFLINE with the hack! As long as you only used DJI FLY/DJI GO in flight mode all is fine, if you happened to have it online it could be that the certificate cannot be activated anymore!

Here is the explanation why:
It seems that DJI did not like our certificates and issued EVERY customer a new UserID, this killed ALL certificates (even legitimate ones!).
We are currently working on a solution. We have a "manual" solution ready for most of the drones but we are searching for a better way to get all drones online again!

We are extremely sorry that this happened but that is the thing with such hacks, they are fought by the vendor.

We are working as fast as we can on a solution. We hope to have one for you in the next coming days, please give us some time to work it out in a nice way :)

As for now we disabled the buying of new licenses, we think it is the right thing to do! Be sure we will fix this, give us some days time and we are very confident that we get all drones hacked again. Our current drone here has an activated certificate again, we just need to find a way to get this automated in the app!

So long! Thank your for your support!

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