Terms of service

We are not responsible for any damage done to the drone. With buying a license you accept our terms of service.

Refunds are only possible 14 days after the date of purchase and only for UNUSED licenses. As soon as a drone was bound to a license the license is viewed as USED and refunds are therefore no longer possible.

Combining of coupons is not allowed, doing so will cause a termination of the user account without further notice.

Analysing and reverse engineering of the provided product is strictly forbidden. 

Reselling of modded drones will not transfer the license to the buyer of the drone. The new owner of the drone does not own the license and thus has no legal right to continue using the hacks, neither to use our support.

The Drone-Hacks license key is permanently tied to the serial number of the drone and to the customer account who bought the license.

This means that if the drone is replaced by DJI, or a a new drone was purchased, Drone-Hacks sees it as a new drone and will ask you to activate a new license.

We have two rules in this instance:

1.) Drone Replaced By DJI For Free under Warranty/DJI Care: Please send us a message in support with proof the repair/exchange was done for free, by DJI. We will then cancel your old Drone-Hacks license and issue you a new one to activate against the replacement drone once. This is a voluntary service of us, it can be discontinued at any time without further notice. If we accept the supplied proof or decline the request for reset for any reason is completely up to us and the customer has no legal claim to a license reset.

2.) You Purchased Your Own Replacement Drone: As sorry as we are for the loss of your drone, you will have to buy a new Drone-Hacks license key. We simply do not have the ability to assess the merits of every individual case and as such we have to employ this rule to be fair to all customers. This also prevents eBay sellers selling custom modified drones for a hike in price and then claiming to Drone-Hacks that their drone crashed and they need a new key.

Whatever the nationality, residence or domicile of the customer,  the Law of Germany shall be the proper law of this agreement. Any proceedings arising shall be conducted to the courts of Germany. Place of jurisdiction is Berlin.

In the event any provision or part of this agreement is found to be invalid or unenforceable, only that particular provision or part so found, and not the entire agreement, will be inoperative.