Unlock Certificate by Drone-Hacks

Unlock altitude and NFZ by the drone-hacks.com certificate

With our certificate unlock you can get rid of the drones altitude limit and the NFZ at the same time.

To do so you need to use our Desktop application, which is available for Windows 10.

Make sure to have DJI ASSISTANT 2 FOR MAVIC installed to your computer before you attempt to hack! You can download it here:
Click here
This needs to be installed to have the drivers installed on your computer, you only need to install it. Do NOT run it at the same time as drone-hacks!


This hack is currently available for the Mavic Mini, Mini 2, Mavic 2 (Pro/Zoom/E/ED), P4Pv2, Air2, Air2s and FPV drone, all other drones need to use our customFC. Please check our birdmap to see which firmware versions are supported!

Only DJI Core boards can be used, not other core boards!


After the hacking process the unlock certificate should be available in your DJI Go4/DJI Fly app in the “Unlock License / Unlock GEO Zone” menu. When the hack is active the drone will ignore any altitude limit set in the App. So if you put the limit to 15m or 500m does not matter, the drone will ignore this.

See this screenshots:




For the DJI FPV it is important to notice that you CAN use the Fly app before to check if the certificate is activated before the flight. This step is optional and potentially dangerous, in 99% of the cases the certificate is automatically activated. But beware, DJI WILL try sneak a firmware update on you. We advice to NEVER connect the DJI Fly app to the drone again, if you have to only do it in Airplane mode, NEVER online!!!! If you see a “firmware update required” message you have to flash firmware 01.02.0020 first, then do a little flight, and then downgrade again to 01.02.0000 and repeat the hacking. After that never connect fly again!

You will find the unlock menu of the FPV drone here:


Some tuning tips:
Many drones can only descent by 3m/s if the unlock is in use! Keep that in mind and try aroung before risking anything!
To disable autolanding on low battery set “enable_smart_bat_landing_protect” to 0!
The Mavic 2 needs GPS to use the certificate, if you want to fly without GPS you need to disable it from the Go4 menu!
The Air2S can achieve a MAXIMUM descent speed of 6m/s, even if the paramater allow higher values 6m/s is the maximum which can be done!
The Air2 can achieve quicker descent if you do this:

mode_gentle_cfg_vert_vel_up to 10
mode_gentle_cfg_vert_vel_down to -10
mode_gentle_cfg_tors_gyro_range to 50
vert_vel_down_adding_max to -10
fswitch_selection|g_config.control.control_mode[0] to 6

This change will swap tripod mode for a “tuned” beginer mode. In this mode the Air2 (Air2S CANNOT do this) will descent much faster!

The FPV cannot use MANUAL mode if you fly over borders of AUTHORIZATION ZONE, ENHANCED WARNING ZONES, NFZ etc., sometimes even inside of this Zones. Manual mode works in all other situations without a problem, only in some situations the drone might refuse to use it. It seems like this is a firmware bug from DJI, nothing we can do about it!