Start our DroneHacks application and flash the firmware version we recommend.
After you have flashed the recommended firmware version you should be able to activate your drone WITHOUT DJI Fly enforcing you to update to the latest version.

We got an own section how to use our software here: HowTo
This section includes videos and instructions for the full hacking process.

If you have issues with the hack failing please follow this steps:

1.) Download DJI Assistant for Mavic (use the Mavic version regardless of your drone!) and install it : https://www.dji.com/en/downloads/softwares/assistant-dji-2-for-mavic
You only need to install it, you should not run it!
2.) Reboot your computer
3.) Disable Antivirus and Firewall software on your computer
4.) Restart the hacking process

Yes, our hacks are done on the drone, the controller does not matter!

Signal hacking:
You can see if the drone is in FCC mode, we have example pictures here:
NFZ and Altitude removal:
It depends on the used way, Certificate or CustomFC, just read the corresponding website, it will tell you all that you need to know:

To check if FCC is enabled please read here and compare the transmission graphs in your DJI Go/Fly App: How to check

Boost mode is not available on any new drones, it was removed by dji for anything later than the Mavic 2 (exception Mavic Mini 1).

FCC mode works on all devices.

Mavic Mini – This will enable boost mode on Mavic Mini on the desktop app or FCCboost with the DHCompanion for Android! For the Mavic Mini there is no specific Watt values, Boost will just power up your Remote Controller.  Due to different hardware designs the results will be different on CE and FCC models.

To cancel everything and return to stock settings, simply select Stock Mode in Drone-Hacks desktop app.

All the drones for which we release this patch are designed to use this mode without issues.  The patch simply turns it on.

In general: NO! The only exception is the Mavic2 with the RC1A controller.

The block of 5Ghz in countries like Russia or Japan for DJI drones is usually inside the APP not inside the drone, we only hack the drone. Our hack will bring your signal to FCC level, the frequency has nothing to do with it!

Mavic 2 Series – If you have the controller RC1A both hacks will also enable 5.8G channels, if you have the RC1B model of the controller the channels cannot be activated due to hardware design. Best would be if you try to get an RC1A controller from ebay or similar.

If that happens please close our app and restart it, do not restart the drone. The app will check if the flashing is still in progress or maybe it is done already.
The DJI drones sometimes does not report that they are done flashing. The flashing mechanism is done on the drone alone, our software (the same as DJI software), just send an original and unmodified firmware to the drone, the drone will then check this firmware for integrity and start flashing it on its own. Our software then just monitors the process.

– Power on drone and controller and let them connect
– Restart drone while controller is powered on
– Wait 30 seconds before you start the phone app

Our hacks can only work on the specific firmware, if you update you will loose the hacks, also downgrading is not always possible. If you update to a firmware that is not listed as fully working with all hacks in our birdmap then you are on your own. So check the birdmap, click on your firmware version and then look if the hacks are still possible. If your firmware does not list the hacks as compatible or if the firmware version is not listed at all, then DO NOT UPDATE. In general we advise to NEVER update after hacking, choose the latest fully hackable firmware, update your drone to this version then hack your drone and never worry about any firmware updates again.

This questions is not as simple as it sounds!
Once you connect your drone to drone-hacks please take a look into the infobox at the top left corner, you can see a value called “Anti Rollback”. This value determines of a firmware can be installed or not.
The rule is like this. The anti rollback value of the firmware you want to flash cannot be lower than the current value on the drone. Once the value is increased it can never be decreased again!
Our software will warn you if you flash a firmware that will increase the value, also it will tell you if you can flash the firmware that you selected to the connected drone.

The most basic parameters (velocity, acceleration, tilt) are already presented on the sliders in the parameter tab. Note: The availability of the parameters can be different on every drone!

The parameter editor is a FREE TO USE feature, no license and no payment are required to use it. The available parameter ranges CANNOT be changed, they are dictated by the drone.

The drone-hacks software only reads the available parameters from the drone, we ourselves also do not know all of the parameters.
Please do not ask us which parameter can do what, we cannot tell you either!

As the parameter editor is a free to use feature we CANNOT offer personal support for it, please DO NOT WRITE US to ask about any cool parameters to mod, this feature is free to use for everybody and is a community feature, please join a drone-modding community to discuss the parameters with others.

Drone-Hacks supports Windows 10.

Everything Drone-Hacks does are drone side settings and as such it doesn’t matter if you fly with Litchi, Drone Deploy or any other app, it will work just fine.

If you still want some reassurance, please send us a support ticket and we will provide you guidance on your specific situation.

Your Drone-Hacks license key is permanently tied to the serial number of your drone and is clearly shown when you initially activate a key to a drone.

This means that if your drone is replaced by DJI, or you purchase a new one, then Drone-Hacks sees it as a new drone and will ask you to activate.


We have two rules in this instance:

Drone Replaced By DJI For Free under Warranty/DJI Care: Please send us a message in support with proof the repair/exchange was done for free, by DJI. We will then cancel your old Drone-Hacks license and issue you a new one to activate against the replacement drone once.

You Purchased Your Own Replacement Drone: As sorry as we are for the loss of your drone, you will have to buy a new Drone-Hacks license key.  We simply do not have the ability to assess the merits of every individual case and as such we have to employ this rule to be fair to all customers.  This also prevents eBay sellers selling custom modified drones for a hike in price and then claiming to Drone-Hacks that their drone crashed and they need a new key.

If you live in India you should ALWAYS install the 15m hack AND the certificate hack.
The certificate hack can be installed from the dekstop app, it will allow you to break any height limits that are done through NoFlyZones.
The 15m hack will allow your DJI Fly app to have a RTH and normal height value up to 500m.
For the Mini2 you can install both hacks from the desktop app.
For the Mini SE and Mini1 you can install the certificate from the desktop app and the 15m hack has to be run before every flight from the DH-Companion Android app!

The Mavic 2/P4Pv2 will falsely show that it is inside a NFZ if you try to use it without GPS and with the certificate activated. Either disable the certificate to fly indoors without GPS or bring the drone outside!

Please check again, also try to connect our software to our drone. Does it offer you a license? If not please do not hesitate to write us, please open a support ticket at:
Please include your order# and the payment information. We will take care of it!

Using Drone-Hacks in combination with a device registered with DJI Care is not supported. DJI’s terms of service for DJI Care forbid modifications to your hardware whilst you have DJI Care active. It is known to cause issues with Drone-Hacks too.

Please write us a support ticket at: