New Release 1.35 by Awesome

Posted on 2023-08-03 10:36:21

Today we have a new release which is aimed at our FPV customers.
With this new release you can now downgrade from 01.04.0000 to our beloved 01.02.0000 DJI firmware, which means you can use all of the hacks :)
As an additional goodie we added a new hack to activate Goggles2 support on firmware 01.02.0000 :)

A note on this: After activating the Goggles2 hack you need to rebind your drone and goggles/controller, to rebind please use DJI Fly while you are in airplane mode. If you forget to activate the airplane mode, DJI fly will try to sneak a firmware update on you!  As always, once downgraded and hacks applied, do not connect DJI FLY with internet access, or upgrade your firmware!

The downgrade tutorial is linked in the app (button: How to Downgrade?) or can be found here: