New release 1.33 by Awesome

Posted on 2023-05-18 10:34:56


Another day, another release.

Today we are happy to announce the 1.33 release which will let you now use your hacks directly on the module mixed firmware's of FPV/Air2/Air2s, so now more downgrading -> hacking -> updating with the "C" firmware is needed! The software will detect module mixed firmware's and show it to you accordingly.

Another thing we are very happy about is that we were able to finally crack the Mini2 again. This means you can now use all our hacks on the Mini2 drone again! As of today (18. May 2023) all firmware versions can be hacked, or at least downgraded to a hackable version. We can directly hack all Mini2 firmware versions up to 01.06.200, if you are on 01.07.0100 or 01.07.0200 you can downgrade to the 01.06.0200 and enjoy the hacks too.

We are looking into supporting 01.07.xxxx firmware's too, but as is our usual policy, we cannot say anything else yet and more news will follow if or when we have it.

We hope you enjoy our new update!