New release 1.32 by Awesome

Posted on 2023-05-16 08:49:55

Hey everyone,
We are happy to announce the new release 1.32 to you!

Changes are as follows:
- Mini2 flashing fixed
- Enable flashing of Module-Mixed Firmwares for certain devices


What is module mixing?

It is a old technique by the OGs from Mattermost, back from the days when the Mavic Pro (1st gen) was newest device. Basically it means that we create our own firmware package by removing some of the modules inside the package, in the end the drone will be in a module-mixed firmware state.

Let's take the Air2s as an example, our hacks work on firmware 02.04.2040, now you can flash a 02.04.2500 firmware on top of it that will not have the "system/0801" module included. The result is that the drone will have the firmware 2500 installed, but not fully. It is a mixed firmware on your drone, the drone now has the system/0801 from the 02.04.2040 firmware (which can handle our hacks ;) ) and the rest of the drone is updated to 02.04.2500.


What are the downsides?

Well the downside certainly is that you will not have all 2500 firmware features available! For example it is crucial that you enable our "RC (Pro)" hack on the module-mixed firmware, if you don't use this hack you will not be able to use the DJI RC / DJI RC Pro. Also DJI Care binding will still not work! You need to disable the binding on an "proper" 2500 firmware. Other features might be missing too, but we will keep an eye on it and offer patches whenever possible.

Upside of this module mix?

DJI Fly and Assistant thinks that you are on the full 2500 firmware, this means that they will not nag you to update, also you can benefit of battery and esc updates, as these modules will be updated during the process & you can do all this whilst still enjoying the hacks that we can provide for the earlier firmware versions.

Where to get the firmware?
On DDD of course! Keep an eye out for the firmware with the C at the end, the C indicates this is custom version without the system module :)

For example: