New Downgrade hack for ANY firmware of the Air2/Air2s by Awesome

Posted on 2023-04-03 07:16:31

Hey all,
Today we got have a brand new release for you. We changed many things in the codebase and therefore skipped 1.30, which was an used as an internal test version only.

This release is a huge bonus for users of the DJI Air2 and DJI Air2s as you can now downgrade these drones from ANY firmware to the firmware versions that we recommend on Birdmap to use all hacks that we provide.

That means, all AIR2 users will be allowed to downgrade to firmware version 610 and all AIR2S users will be allowed to downgrade to firmware 2040. On these versions you can use our Certificate and FCC hack to get the best out of your drones :). Air2s Users also can enable compatibility for the DJI RC / DJI RC Pro in the Hacking tab, one simple click will allow you to use these controllers on the firmware version 2040.

We know many of you are waiting for news regarding newer drones. An update to the Mavic3 situation, especially the M3T. We decided to currently NOT continue work on this drones due to obvious geopolitical reasons, at least for advanced features like NFZ/Altitude removals.

Regarding other drones: As you know we do not spoil or tease new features, ever. We strongly believe that the only fair way to treat you as our customers is to publish and discuss things which are 100% done only. We will stay true to this and therefore there will be no teasing for you sorry! But we can assure you that we are trying to get as much done as possible in the background. Silence doesn't mean that there is no progress.