DJI Fly 1.9.8 blocking firmware versions - Error 30064 by DHChris

Posted on 2023-03-30 13:30:10

Seems dji released a new version of dji fly 1.9.9 which should fix the problem too. Stay aware, this was ONLY targeting drones with firmware version 02.04.2040. We will remove our fix for now again, and will monitor the situation. Please use dji fly 1.9.9 for now if you update to 1.9.8, if you didn't update we recommend to not update at all!

OLD Message:
We have recently learned that today (30th of March) that DJI have blacklisted the 02.04.2040 firmware for Air 2s for owners using DJI Fly. This block is being applied in DJI Fly 1.9.8.

If you are running an older version of DJI Fly, this will not affect you until the app updates.

What Does this Mean?

If you are running DJI Fly 1.9.8 and Air 2s 02.04.2040, you will see an error message with the error code "30064 Cannot Take-off". The drone is now effectively grounded until you are forced to do an update, this of course means you lose any hacks installed.

Good News!

The fix for this is something we have already implemented and you have two very simple methods to workaround DJI's new block.

  1. Simply connect your drone up to Drone-Hacks and re-apply ANY hack on your drone. The Drone-Hacks app will push some updated code and we will change the firmware version being reported so that the drone doesn't get detected by DJI Fly as running the blacklisted firmware. If you have multiple hacks installed you only need to re-apply ONE of the hacks, no matter which, all hacks will apply the fix from us.

  2. If you don't want to reconnect up to Drone-Hacks again currently, you can also turn on the drone, then the remote, start the motors and then LASTLY, start DJI Fly. This way the drone is already in the air and DJI Fly wont make it land.