Calling All Drone Clubs - Become a Drone-Hacks Partner by DHSteve

Posted on 2020-06-13 14:04:38

Continuing the theme of rapid updates, again we have some more website changes!

Today marks the release of our partner page, you will find a link in the top navigation bar or you can visit it HERE.

If you run or represent a Drone flying club, whether this be a forum online, a drone club in your local area or some other drone related organisation, you can apply to be a Drone-Hacks partner. Once accepted, your website along with a short description & logo will be placed on our partner page, this should hopefully give you a traffic increase as people looking at Drone-Hacks may wish to find a friendly local club or forum where they can discuss their passions. As a benefit to you, we will be able to offer your club members special pricing!

The exact benefit will vary depending on the merits of each club, but it will be in the form of percentage discount coupons, free licenses or whatever, feel free to apply and we will discuss the exact details as required.

The application form is open now and is all managed through our support system. Once there is a note below confirming the applications are open, Click Here to open a new ticket and select "Partner Application" as your Help Topic. Fill out the details requested and we will be in touch!