1.27 by Awesome

Posted on 2022-07-25 11:45:30

Hello again,
today we release the version 1.27 of our Desktop app and version 1.0.13 for our Android APP DH-Companion.

The desktop version 1.27 includes 2 new features:
1. Mini 3 pro flashing and parameter editing support (free features).
2. Great news for the DJI RC Pro Users (new gen Smartcontroller - RM510). We can now flip this Smartcontroller to FCC mode, this FCC mode will persist even after switching drones! (Of course stay safe and do not update the DJI Fly app or firmware after using our hack! We cannot gurantee that new versions will also work, so stay safe and do not update!)

Our Android app DH-Companion version 1.0.13 now supports Mini 3 temporary FCC mode (needs to be done on each boot), but sadly only for the normal RC not the Smartcontroller (DJI RC - RM330)!

Enjoy the update!