Downgrade for new Air2/Air2s firmware by Awesome

Posted on 2022-06-22 14:32:29

Hello all,
DJI recently release a new firmware update for the Air2 (01.01.820) and Air2s (02.04.2190). We have added the compatibility to downgrade this firmware versions to our recommended firmware versions (Air2 - 01.01.0610; Air2s - 02.04.2040), this enables you to use our certificate as well as the other hacks :). No Software update needed, all works with Client 1.26, we enabled it server-sided :)

Also we are currently working on Mavic 3 and Mini 3 in the background. Soon there will be a new version of the desktop software which will enable basic Mini 3 support (flashing/parameter editing). Be assured we try to crack both drones fully open, but we cannot give you any estimates when there will be more powerful hacks available! DH-Companion will soon to be updated to work with Mini 3, it will give you the chance to use our temporary FCC hack (needs to be redone after every boot!), please remember DH-Companion only works for NON smartcontrollers!

Have fun downgrading :)