We Are Drone-Hacks by DHChris

Posted on 2020-06-03 18:33:10

Welcome one and all to Drone-Hacks. We are a new player on the drone hacking scene with a different approach to anything else currently available! But do not fear, you may not have heard of our name before, but we have been in this scene since the very beginning and have since grown frustrated with the current offerings and know we can do better!

So, what can Drone-Hacks do for you, well let me explain!

Firstly, Drone-Hacks is totally built from the ground up to be cross platform. Windows is of course used by most of the worlds PC users, but we saw no reason to exclude everybody else. Therefore Drone-Hacks is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux (as long as your distro has a GUI). The app performs the same on all three operating systems with all the same features and abilities.

We support all of the most common hacks, this includes transmission power boost (including FCC mode), NFZ removal, Altitude removal and a fully featured parameter editor which of course allows you complete freedom to edit the normally hidden parameters by yourself. Whats more, if you create a good set of parameters, you can even export these to share with a friend or the wider Drone-Hacks community to test out your customizations!

Exactly what Drone-Hacks can do for you often relies on you being on a specific firmware, so we also have a robust firmware flashing system built in. You supply the firmware for any supported drone and Drone-Hacks will perform its magic to get you onto the firmware you desire. It is built to be completely safe with many many safety checks built in and the ability to recover from failed flashes. Exactly what Drone-Hacks can do for you can easily be found by browsing our compatibility checker which we call Birdmap. Simply click on your drone and your firmware, everything available will be shown in green and hacks unavailable on that firmware or drone are shown in red, super simple! Birdmap

Drone-Hacks also offers something totally new to the scene, this we call Custom FlyController. Using specially developed techniques, we can now unlock things previously thought of as impossible. We make it possible to run the latest firmware on compatible drones, yet have the ability to bypass NFZ's and altitude restrictions. This is an absolute game changer and means you have no reason to be running your drone on older less stable firmware

So, how much does all of this awesomeness cost? Drone-Hacks has three license levels all built around what we can do on each drone.

Lite - This license will only activate against the DJI Mavic Mini & the Mavic 2 Pro line of drones. It allows editing of parameters and enabling transmission power boost. Currently, this is all we can do on these models so didn't think it was fair charging the same price as a Regular license!

Regular - This is the license most people will require. Depending on your firmware and the drone the hacks might include the removal of No-Fly-Zones, the aforementioned amazing Custom Flycontroller, Altitude removal and of course the enabling of FCC & Boost power modes.

Professional - This license offers the same as Regular, however it also unlocked the ADB Rootshell on drones. One click of a button and your drone is rooted. You can then use the standard Android ADB tools to access your drone, extract forensics data or hack away to your hearts content!

Also there are free features, the firmware flashing and the parameter editor are FREE FOR ALL!

So what are you waiting for! Head on over to the download page right now to download the client of your choice. Limited functionality is available for free so you can test the app. Once you're happy, return to the website and purchase a license to experience what Drone-Hacks can do for you!