Release 1.15/1.16 with permanent hacks for Mini2, Air2, Air2s and FPV by AwesomeAM

Posted on 2021-07-27 06:54:52

Hey there,

today we release version 1.15/1.16 of our desktop app. With this release we introduce our permanent hacks to new drones.
That would be Mini2, Air2, Air2S and FPV. This drones can now be FCC hacked in a pemanent manner. So if you do not like our Android App or cannot use it for whatever reasons, this is for you! :)

For the Mini2 (sadly not the Mini1!!) we were able to install also the india 15m altitude limit removal to the drone. The hack on the Mini2 is not fully automatic like on the other drones, for the Mini2 you need to press the button on the butt of the drone after boot, wait a few seconds until the beeping stops, then press it again, after that the drone will blink red at the front light. Now the hack is active. This procedure needs to be done after every boot of the drone, but thats it. No internet needed, mobile phone OS does not matter, and even SmartController is supported 100% :)

For all other drones in this release (Air2, Air2S, FPV) the hack is fully automatic. Once installed the drone will stay in FCC mode no matter what. You can now use the SmartController, or even iOS to fly your drone with full FCC power.

For the FPV this is also a very important hack, because with our new FCC hack directly on the FPV drone you are able to use the DJI Fly app at the same time, so you can get VIDEO OUT  on the phone screen :)

ATTENTION: For Mini2,Air2, Air2s  this will NOT enable 5.8G in countries where this is normally blocked, it ONLY power the signal to FCC level! The block of 5Ghz for this drones is inside the APP not inside the drone, we only hack the drone. Our hack will bring your signal to FCC level, the frequency has nothing to do with it!

We hope you like this new release. Enjoy the hacks :)


We issued a bugfix release 1.16. If you had any problems in 1.15 please update to 1.16!