The all new DHCompanion app for Android by AwesomeAM

Posted on 2021-03-19 13:53:27


we are back and bringing you something very new and nice, our all new Android App for hacking on the go!

With this app it is possible for you to enable FCC on 5 devices which were not supported for this AT ALL until now.

All you need for this app is an Android device (Android 5 minimun, Internetconnection needed during hacking!) and a drone (Mavic Mini, Mini2, Mavic Air, Mavic Air 2, FPV Racer).
The hack will be enabled before the flight, on most devices the hack is only temporary and will vanish once the device is rebooted.

Are you interested? Then check out the dedicated website for this hack, you will find all info there, seperated into nice chapters for each drone:

We truly hope you all enjoy this new mod and stay tuned to see if we can unlock more limits on this drone models.