Autel EVO II - Time to raise your ceiling! by DHChris

Posted on 2021-02-03 16:57:07

On Friday the 29th of January, we finally welcomed the Autel EVO II drone to the Drone-Hacks family of supported models.

Being the first non-DJI drone we support, things are a little different, so we thought it was a good idea to explain what and how we support these amazing machines.

Currently, the only support we have for these drones is via a modified version of the Autel Explorer app. We have worked our magic in the code and managed to raise the height limit on these machine to 2000m (2Km). It is important to note that this app is Android ONLY and we have no plans at all (due to Apple's restrictive side loading) to support the iOS app.

You do not need a license for the Drone-Hacks desktop app, the modified Autel app is a separate license currently priced at €15 and available here
You simply install the app onto your phone and enjoy the ability to take some truly stunning photos and videos with the increased flight ceiling.

An important thing to note about the application, each copy of the app is built "on-the-fly" for you and is fingerprinted to your account, sharing the application with others is NOT allowed and we will ban your account which will mean forfeiting your license. We will of course try to offer more hacks in the future for Autel drones, but this is only possible if you support us by buying our product. Moving to look at another brand of drones other than DJI is a big departure from what we know, so support us and in turn we hope to be able to deliver even more unlock and mods once we see the community is there to support such efforts.

We truly hope you all enjoy this new mod and stay tuned to see if we can unlock more limits on this drone. We will of course be listening to your feedback which you can send in via the support system!