Inspire 2 01.02.0500 New Features by DHChris

Posted on 2020-10-21 15:44:29

Just a short update for you this time around concerning the latest update for the Inspire 2, 01.02.0500.

We have today released our Custom FlyController for this latest update. This allows you to remove NFZ's even on the latest firmware for this professional camera platform.

As per the other firmware versions before this, we still support parameter modifications, firmware downgrades and full access to the ADB Rootshell (with a Professional License).

This fast turnaround from the initial firmware release ensures that once more you will no longer have your shooting days ruined by DJI's overreaching NFZ limitations resulting in your using inferior filming equipment or losing out on a job, all whilst still being able to use the latest firmware which may be important to you!