Welcome to our family Autel Owners! by DHSteve

Posted on 2020-09-03 19:34:30

Welcome Autel Owners

We have some love to share with you for your Autel Evo II and Evo I drones.

At Drone-Hacks we are always looking at ways to help the drone community, and are currently taking a look at the Autel Evo line of drones.

Up until now, you have not been able to downgrade the firmware, but not anymore! This has become especially important with the drift issues introduced in 2.5.0 on the Evo II.


Show Me The Firmware!

Our great partners at DDD have Stock Autel firmware available here:


The link above is for the 2.3.3 version of firmware for you to downgrade to, but using DDD and you can pick whichever firmware you want to use. We tested downgrading from 2.5.0 to 2.3.3 and 2.3.0 without any issues.  This also works great for the EVO I drones as well!  Just pick the firmware you want to downgrade to from DDD.  Tested and confirmed working fine!


How Do I Downgrade?

In order for you to downgrade your Evo II or Evo I, you will use the SD card method.

  • Download the firmware you want to downgrade to and save that to the root of your SD card. (Don't put it in a folder, just save it to the card.)

  • Make sure you name the file in this format: Evo II:  Model-C_FW_V2.3.3.bin, The only thing that changes between versions is the version number after V

  • Evo I firmware file format is: EVO_FW_V1.4.9.bin  The only thing that changes between versions is the version number after V

  • Unzip and save this file to your sd card, alongside the firmware file. https://drone-hacks.com/release/autel/downgrade.zip

  • Put the SD card back in the drone, turn on your RC first the turn on your Evo II or EVO I, and it will start the downgrade process.

  • Note: you do NOT need any device connected to your RC...just monitor the RC for status

  • Wait for this to complete and enjoy your downgraded drone!


Whats Next?

We will have an altitude unlock very soon which will be a paid option available for you for both drone models, so please keep checking back on our site. Once we are ready to go, you will see an Autel drone model in our birdmap, as well as what hacks are available for you! https://drone-hacks.com/birdmap