Version 1.10 - Welcome Mavic Pro 2 Enterprise by DHSteve

Posted on 2020-07-08 13:32:35

Today marks another release of Drone-Hacks, now onto version 1.10. This version has some good changes and additions which we felt deserved a little discussion!

The recent rash of releases have all been aimed at fixing bugs. These are things that we simply couldn't locate on our own with the limited set of machines (even though we have a lot!) that we were initially testing on. However, with the halp of our amazing users, the app now seeming nicely stable and no new show stopping bugs appeared, so we took a look for the first time at the next steps for Drone-Hacks.


Mavic 2 Pro 01.00.0670

Yesterday 07/07/2020, DJI released firmware 0670 for the M2 Pro. It looks like a minor upgrade, but actually increases range of the drones in our testing. It has the same anti rollback value as the troublesome 0510 firmware so for now, we can recommend that anyone on 0510 actually does upgrade to 0640 to take advantage of this increase in range from stock.

Better still, Drone-Hacks already supports this firmware, this was achieved within 60 minutes of release! The same caveats apply here as 0510, so no downgrade, no NFZ removal and no Altitude removal, but you can apply FCC and Boost modes, so definitely worth an upgrade.

We will now start looking at 0670 in terns of unlocking other abilities.


Mavic 2 Enterprise

Also bundled with Drone-Hacks 1.10 is new support for the Mavic 2 Enterprise drones on all known firmware. This means for the very first time in the drone modification scene, you can apply the same FCC/Boost mods that regular Mavic 2 Pro users have been enjoying for a long time now.

Of course, we want to unlock additional hacks and will look at whether this is possible, but for now, we can ONLY perform FCC/Boost mode. No downgrades, no NFZ removal and no Altitude removal.


Drone-Hacks Mac Version

Just a final note from me. We are working daily on the mac version of the app. As usual with Apple, EVERYTHING is different on mac and so we're having to re-write large portions of the code to make the app function as we would expect it to. This app has moved from internal beta involving DH staff only to a private beta where we are testing this with a small team of end users. For now, we do not require any further testers and the app will be made available as soon as all of the issues are ironed out. We know how important this is to many people so are working hard to make it happen.